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Two Pin Cottage
Two Pin Cottage is located at Cape St.Mary, Bay of Fundy, NS.
Contact Betty & Bob Vaughan in Halifax
Phone: 1-902-443-5599
outside of Two Pin Cottage outside of Two Pin Cottage outside of Two Pin Cottage
outside of Two Pin Cottage outside of Two Pin Cottage
outside of Two Pin Cottage
outside of Two Pin Cottage outside of Two Pin Cottage
only $950CDN /week!
$150/night for a minimum of 3 nights
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About Two Pin Cottage

The second floor has 2 bedrooms with sloped ceilings. One bedroom has 2 single beds and the second bedroom has 1 double bed. On the main level, there is a 3rd bedroom with a single bed, a living room overlooking the seascape and a eat-in kitchen and full bath. The cottage has a washer, dryer and includes cable TV with DVD player. The front deck overlooks the beautiful bay and Mavilette Beach. An early wake will give you a beautiful sunrise. An evening gaze will give you a "moon over the water" panorama of sparkling diamonds. No pets and no smoking.

About the Area

The "District of Clare“ is known as the Acadian Shore. Its descendants came from France in the 1600’s. Scattered over the Americas by the deportation of 1755 , many walked on to Louisana, while others returned to Clare. Rent our cottage and overlook the Atlantic Ocean, go to the sandy beach, fish, whale watching, or golf.


Read some directions to get to the cottage here.

Things to Do

Here are just some of the many things you can do while staying at Two Pin Cottage.

Mavilette Beach is 500 feet from the cottage on the other side of the road. When the tide is outgoing, children swim at the bridge where they love to float down the current in the warmer water draining from the Salt Marshes. This is shallow and safe. However when the tide is coming in, there are undertows, you may want to NOTE: THE BAY OF FUNDY has the world's highest tides. There is a lovely indoor pool at Universite Sainte Anne about 25 minutes away at Church Point in the DIGBY direction. (Call for hours: 1-902-769-2114). Next to the university there is a Magazin Campus where you can find Acadian Books of interest to you. Downstairs there is La Cachette, a sports clothing store for adults and children.

Past St. Alphonse on the way to Meteghan. Steps lead down to a pebble beach which offers a splendid place for a picnic lunch with inspiring views of the coastal cliffs at St. Mary's Bay....and a "RUM RUNNERS CAVE" of the olden days of contraband liquor.

We fish off the wharf at the Cape when the pollack and Mackerel are running. Some locals have boat cruises which may be posted on the wharf.

Mussels can be pulled off the rocks "at the point" down by the wharf. Place in several changes of salty sea water for several hours to spit out the sand. Boil/steam in one inch of water until they open. MMMmmmm.

Can be dug from the mud of the "Salt Marsh Banks" at Mavillette or Salmon River (at low tide)

There are "free" tennis courts behind the school in Meteghan (5 miles away). There's the "CLARE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB" (1-902-769-2124) which is 20 minutes away from Comeauville. This is a really nice facility.

Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises. 1-800-656-3660. You will explore The Bay of Fundy, a corner of the Atlantic that is incredibly rich in marine life. Humpbacks, Finbacks, dolphins, porpoises and seals, as well as seabirds come from as far away as Antartica.

Kids bored? Pack up early morning and drive to Upper Clements Park, a one hour drive towards Digby. 1-888-248-4567 for directions. Atlantic Canada's Largest Amusement Park with extensive summertime entertainment. (11:00am - 7:00pm) Roller Coaster Rides, the log ride, scary down in the water....splash! Wildlife Park. Lots of rides, activities, historic buildings, handcrafts, things to see and do.

*St. Alphonse Church (3 miles away) Interior Walls covered with murals. There is a grotto of carved wooden stones. * St. Mary's Church - The largest wooden church in North America. (Adjacent to Universite Sainte-Anne in Church Point) * St. Bernard Church - Large granite church with with quite a history. Gothic Architecture. * Bangor Sawmill Museum (Nova Scotia). Water-powered lumber sawmill. Museum tours available. * Major Point Beach - (just past Grosses Coques going towards Digby). People rave about this scenic, seaside walking. Small chapel marks the site of the 1st Acadian Cemetery.

The Acadian Festival is held from 9-15 July, where you would get a a fabulous insight on Acadian music, cuisine, culture, costumes etc,.. You may want to park at Universite Sainte-Anne where most of the activities converge. Call 1-902-769-0955. Universite Sainte-Anne (1-902-769-2114) holds plays in the summer that give you another great appreciation of Acadian culture in a musical called "Evangeline" (about the deportation). It is held on Tuesday and Saturday nights. The there is a play on Wednesdays also called "Evangeline", but different, held in the woods, just as popular (bring insect repellent).

Fine Dining

CAPE VIEW DINER (No Breakfast). A favorite is a little shop on the left as you enter Meteghan that reads "Coffee and Used Books". Great coffees and thick slabs of homemade bread or toast and used paperbacks.

If your in the mood for "true blue" Acadian Cuisine, then Chez Christophe is a must! 1-902-837-5817 for hours. Its in the "Grosses Coques" (Big Clams), after Church Point, going towards Digby. Specializes in Acadian cuisine and seafood: rappie pie, our famous "Fricot", with chicken and potato dumplings, potato pancakes, and fish pancaakes, creamy seafood chowders, the best fish to be found in Nova Scotia, homemade pies, pastries and crusty name a few of our favorite of the cafe's fabulous dishes.

There is a Comeau Farm Market in Meteghan Centre (across from the Liquor Store) that has such "yummie" things to eat. Lucious Ice Creams, fresh vegetables, fruits, jellies, mouth watering home made pies, cakes and cookies, salads, seasonal berries and rappie pie - a delectable Acadian favorite (grated potatoes with savory meats and spices that produce an unforgettable flavor). Austrian Inn in Yarmouth is a nice restaurant if your in a "fine dining" romantic mood.

While your in Yarmouth, all along Main Street are quaint little stores to explore. There are Malls, MacDonalds, Tim Horton's Coffee Shops, and upscale waterfront eating establishments.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Betty & Bob Vaughan in Halifax at 1-902-443-5599, or via email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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